Beta Lambda History

  • The Beta Lambda Chapter of Theta Phi Alpha was reinstated on the University of Michigan - Flint campus on May 2nd, 2009.  Following is an article that was published in the National Theta Phi Alpha magazine, The Compass.

    Beta Lambda Chapter, originally chartered in 1991, was reinstated on May 2, 2009, at the University of Michigan - Flint, with 29 new initiates.  UM-Flint, which enrolls approximately 7,300 students, is one of three campuses of the University of Michigan.  Theta Phi Alpha joins one other NPC group at UM-Flint, Phi Sigma Sigma.


    About a year ago, my friend, Candace Sharon, and I had the idea to start a new sorority on campus.  We wanted to be part of an organization that focused on community service, but also allowed us to connect and build friendships with women who shared similar values.  With five women, we had our first meeting in June, 2008.  Almost a year later, we had grown from five to thirty fabulous women and are now the proud Beta Lambda Chapter of Theta Phi Alpha!


    Our ΘΦΑ journey has been terrific.  After researching national organizations, we learned that Theta Phi Alpha was looking to establish a colony on our campus.  At that time, ΘΦΑ didn't know that we already had an interest group of nearly 25 women.  The ΘΦΑ representatives were excited to discover this, and came to the University within weeks to present to us and explain what Theta Phi Alpha is all about.


    I remember looking around the room that night; we could hardly sit still because we were so excited!  After the presentation, we asked the Theta Phi alumnae to step out of the room so we could vote on whether or not ΘΦΑ was our organization.  The moment the door shut, every hand in the room immediately shot up with a "yes" vote.  The ΘΦΑ alumnae were in the hallway for less than a minute before we invited them back in and shared our happy decision.  We were all so excited, and there was nothing that could have made us choose any other organization.


    We officially became a colony on February 7, 2009, and have since then realized even more how perfect a fit ΘΦΑ is for us.  The Creed mentions justice, wisdom, loyalty, faith and honor.  These are all values that are very important to us and were the foundation of our interest group.  In 1912, our founders began ΘΦΑ because religious beliefs blocked them from joining other sororities.  While the sororities on our campus are open to all women regardless of their religion, race, or ethnicity, most of my sisters have said that they didn't think they would fit with any other sorority until they found Theta Phi Alpha.


    We are a group of very dedicated women who began working together even before we found our fit with ΘΦΑ.  We managed to complete all the necessary steps to become a chapter, which wasn't an easy process.  On top of that, we organized two fund raisers to help pay for colony expenses, hosted an educational workshop on sexual assault in partnership with the Women's Educational Center, donated St. Patrick's Day items to Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, and collected items for Camp Friendship, all within only three months.


    On May 2, 2009, 26 collegians and three alumnae were initiated and the Beta Lambda Chapter of Theta Phi Alpha was reinstated.  We were blessed by the presence of Miss Jean Cusack, B, who celebrated her 91st birthday with us, and many other national officers and alumnae who made time to be with us for this wonderful occasion.


    The accomplishment of reinstating our chapter was an ending to a fabulous year, the beginning of something great, and something we will never forget.  We are all very honored to be sisters of Theta Phi Alpha and we look forward to the future.


    By Kayla Trundle